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[Ecuador] Leaflet of angry proletarians

Ecuador, October 9, 2019: 7th day of national strike and 1st day of general strike.
Leaflet of angry proletarians living in what is today called “Ecuador” for the world communist-anarchist revolution, from the heart of the action:

We are fighting in the streets with the proletarian masses of the city and the countryside. There is no time and there are no copiers available to print out and distribute this pamphlet on paper. It’s more pleasant and helpful to live the experience of rebellion than to write about it.

We made the president, who is the puppet of the businessmen and thieving bankers of the Carondelet Palace, runaway. We have occupied the National Assembly, through massive direct actions and class solidarity networks, and despite the terrorism of his state (state of emergency, brutal police and military repression, hundred arrested, dozens injured, several dead, curfew).

We don't know when or how the current situation will be end. But we do know that the social struggle continues and must continue, clearly making the following minimum and non-negotiable demands:

* Repeal the entire economic package, not just the rise in public transport fares.

* Repeal the state of emergency and curfew.

* Overthrow all the power of Moreno's government, his bosses and his henchmen.

* No negotiation or giving in to the state that belongs to the rich and powerful, that kills us with hunger and with bullets. We can't let the bourgeoisie and the opportunist politicians from the left or the right steal the power we have gained in the streets in recent days. No demands for new elections or a new government. We have had enough of the same shit political script. We want the self-government of the masses!

* Keep the Assemblies everywhere to self-organize the mobilization, solidarity, supply, health and self-defense of our people.

* Demand the return of all the money stolen by businessmen, bankers and politicians, in order to improve the living conditions of the working class in the countryside and the city.

* Expel the mining companies and the IMF.

* Free detained comrades.

* Break the media blackout and denounce the economic and police terrorism of the state.

* Call for concrete international class solidarity around the world.

Proletarians in struggle in this country:

Win or lose, we have woken up from the historical lethargy, responded to all kinds of attacks from the ruling class, done things that have not been done in many years, and we are learning in practice various important lessons during these days of intense class struggle .

Win or lose, we have to keep the flame of proletarian struggle burning. We have to build and sustain an autonomous social force in the medium and long term with enough capacity and clarity to take power, not from the bourgeois state, which must be destroyed, but over our lives. To fully realize the social revolution, i.e. abolishing and going beyond of private property, commodities, wage labor, money, class society, the state, the nation and all forms of exploitation of human beings and nature.

It's not about surviving less badly, but about really living!

It's not about changing masters, but about getting rid of them!

Long live the the general strike!

Class war and insurrection!

Free communes throughout the country!

For the transformation and communisation of everything that exists!

¡Vamos hacia la Vida!

Towards life!

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Italiano: Comunicato sulle proteste in Ecuador

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